🌀️General FAQs

Do I need to put my country code in every of number mobile number?

Yes. You need to put country code at each of your mobile number which you are going to send out.

Will my credit expires?

No. Your WhatsApp credits will never expires.

Is there any content which is prohibited from using your service?

No. All contents are eligible to use our service.

How long will take for your server to generate WhatsApp report?

It will take one business day after the WhatsApp campaign has been successfully completed.

Will report be generated regardless of any condition?

Report will only be generated if you launch WhatsApp campaign more than 100 numbers in a single campaign.

Can Your Reports Indicate Which Number Has Already Read My Promotional Message?

No. Our report only shows which numbers have delivered successfully from our server and which report does not. However, we do not guarantee all number which has been delivered successfully will receive at the recipients’ end.

Do you provide list of mobile numbers or database for my blasting campaign?

No. We only provide blasting services.

There are many competitors out there. What makes you different?

Yes. Indeed there are many competitors out there. However, not many competitors are having our features and speed of software development. Our special features such as upload your profile picture into every sim card before sending out your campaign, personalized your WhatsApp message for each user, a 80% – 90% deliverability rate on WhatsApp numbers, auto reply functions, and many more.

Do You Provide Any Demo Account?

Yes, we do. You can try our service with a demo account first. Once you have tried, you will notice how fast our WhatsApp deliverability service is.

Are you going to help me to launch the blasting campaign?

We will provide you an access to log into our web based portal where you can launched the campaign yourself. It is as easy as 123.

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